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   MUCOS – your exclusive product with added values
We offer not only footbed blanks, but also semi-finished products as well as ready-to-fit foot beds, exactly according to your requirements. Save development, material and storage costs and optimize your production and personnel ressources. Take advantage of our expertise and our many years of experience for your business success.
Example of different production stages in our K-Light program
K-Ligth blank
„semi finished“ footbed
„ready-to-fit“ footbed
- various basic models (Light cork, cell cork, ...)
- reinforcing tape, Texon, soft step in the forefoot
- according to your wishes
- with different soft footbed materials - (see foam)
- on request we process your material
- choose your soles from our extensive assortment
- smooth, perforated, antistatic - with your personal logo
      Our strengths to your advantage
 optimize your production and personnel ressources
 save material stock and development costs
 optimally matched footbed according to your requirements
 your savings of molding costs, choose from our available assortment
 we develop with you your exclusive model, singel source strategy

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