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   6 arguments for natural cork
 lightness
 elasticity
 moisture
 warmth
 dimensional stability
 ecology and sustainability
89 % of cork contains air
An extraordinary cell structure of cork increases the walking comfort and guarantees well feeling.
optimal moisture management
balances temperature and creates a comfortable atmosphere and shoe climate
retains 100 % its form due to unique manufacturing engineering
in addition to its natural environmentally friendly production, cork is also recyclable
Cork has the recycling-code-51
Natural - Sustainability - Cork Technology
 The arguments under the magnifying glass
Cork, "nature at the foot" which connects. Low moisture is one of the most important topic for a well-being in the shoes and for a comfortable feeling at the whole body. The absorption and release of moisture is different in the materials used. It depends on the size of the pore space, on the distribution and shape of the pores, and on the capillary structure in the respective material.
Studies have shown that CORK is unique in its form and has outstanding properties. Thus CORK is the optimum for a balanced climate management in the shoes, which enormously increases the FEEL GOOD FACTOR.
EVA – Kork 400 fache Mucos Kork 400 fache
Thanks to the MUCOS CORK technology the cell structure and the material properties regarding lightness – elasticity – climate regulation – warmth - largely remains stable

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