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Eco-logical and sustainable


Our highest priority is that the raw materials we use are sustainable. The proof that we have made the right choice with cork is reflected in the sustainability reports of our suppliers. Cork is a natural material with unique properties, obtained from the bark of the cork oak, which is harvested mainly in southern Portugal. The cork oak forests are the home of numberless plant and animal species. The forests regulate the water balance, thus protecting the soil in that area. Thus carbon dioxide is bound to a large extent which is a natural effect against the global climate warming. In the economic- and ecosystem these trees play an important role. The cork industry is remarkably sustainable. The peeling of the trees is done according to clearly defined principles. The trees are not damaged thereby and cork is a renewable raw material which is also recyclable and reusable.  


We assure you: cork is a unique pioneer in sustainability - just "eco-logical"!


Like the air to breath


Did you know that...?


Even a small piece of cork contains about 60 million air cells. 89% of air in the cork makes it almost as light as a cloud. The high flexibility of the cell membranes make cork elastic and excellent compressible. The pleasant warmth of the material guarantees that  your feet will never feel cold. In this climate, you simply stay a little longer - the unique moisture behavior creates a special feeling of well-being.The MUCOS production technology brings a 100% form stability in the footbed. We shape our natural product according to your needs - and from then it keeps its shape in your shoe. 



Cork is unique

Natürliche Eigenschaften und Funktionen von Kork